Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tool: Google Chart Tools

Google Chart Tools is a visualization API that allows to create a variety of interactive charts that can be embedded into webpages. The data used in the charts can be written using functions in the API or can be included from external sources and databases using Chart Tools Data Source Protocol.

The visualization API helps in accessing chart data that can be created locally in the browser or can be imported from supported databases in the form of a data table. The charts are created as part of GWT projects and the chart creation capability is added as a visualization library. The data in the chart is populated using a Java Script DataTable class. This class has methods for sorting, merging and filtering of the data while retrieval.

The graphics are rendered using HTML5/SVG and this allows cross browser compatibility and this tool also supports backward compatibility for IE using VML. The charts can be constructed interactively and the there are many options to customize the size, look and feel of the charts.
The different types of charts that can be created using google chart tools are:
Charts Gallery

Some examples of charts created using chart tools are:
Chart tools examples

This tool is very easy to create to simple charts to be embedded into websites and they can also be wrapped around as gadgets. Even complex interactive charts can be created by importing data from various compliant third party data sources.