Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: Understanding charts and graphs

I learnt in HCI about few principles one should use when designing a User Interface. One of them was familiarity. When I looked at just the title and before actually reading the paper I was thinking that Charts and graphs are really important when it comes to visualizing the information as they have been in existence for long and most of the people are familiar with them.

What made me happy reading this paper was the fact that I could anticipate some of the stuff. Though I am sure I might not come up with a paper as such in first place :P. I like the analytic scheme which could be used when information is represented using charts and graphs. It did made sense. Also what I liked most about this paper is that it is written for a large audience. No prior experience in UI is required to read this paper as they start everything from the basics. The acceptability principles used to diagnose problems with charts and graphs, which have been talked about towards the end, also caught my attention.

It's always good to read something you could virtually visualize in your mind and the same happened to me while reading this paper.