Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction:The value of Information Visualization

As known the paper describes the issues surrounding the value of Information Visualization(InfoVis).The most accepted definition of visualization says that it is an interactive visual representation of data to amplify cognition.As this amplification of cognition is tough to measure, the value of InfoViz defining becomes tough too.

On examining the purpose and use of InfoViz it is realized that it's best use is for exploratory tasks,which involves browsing a large information space.InfoViz provides insights from collected data.It is an inductive method meant at generating new insights thata re seeds for theories using human perception.

In the paper the author has tried to convince a huge audience about value of InfoViz using different theories .InfoViz uses cognitive benefits and perceptual support principles to design InfoViz.The paper tries explaining the usefulness on InfoViz by sharing some success stories as the author believes that demonstration is the best way to convince somebody.The author tries to explain the benefits of InfoViz over statistics and data mining.The economic value of InfoViz has also been attempted by author for explanation.

Finally with all these insights that the author has provided it seems convincing enough that huge data-sets representation using InfoViz seems beneficial.