Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction: Effectively Communicating Numbers: Selecting the Best Means and Manner of Display

While the paper does deliver a very good job at guiding the reader into making business focused visualizations, I don't feel like it covers creating more unusual visualizations. Most of the visualizations we have selected in class are interesting because of the novel ways they choose to display information. This author does not really go into anything all that interesting, and sticks to normal graphs that can be created in something like Microsoft Excel very easily.

His argument would likely be that you should convey information as easily and concisely as possible, but I believe that the appeal of a visualization can help grab the attention of the viewer and thus ensure that they are interested enough to gain something from it. While this paper presents good information when trying to formulate a simple graph for a business presentation or other to present data more formally, it will not help too much with more interesting visualization problems.