Monday, August 29, 2011

Tool: The L.A.B. Firelab

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In the style of Leonardo da Vinici’s Proportions of the Human, L.A.B. Reports takes the idea of planes and movements of the human body one step further.  When extending the human body by hold additional implements in the hand, the degrees of movement are increased. With juggling implements such as Poi, Staff, or even Hula Hoops, the added degrees of movement can often be difficult to manage. L.A.B. is a website that hosts an easy to use JAVA based mapping of all movements that can be performed with these additional implements, making things much simpler to learn. This very useful tool, created by Meghan Claire Pike, who is also the moderator of the L.A.B. website, has been used by spinners around the world and has been a very effective tool for practicing new routines and styles.