Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction: The Value of Information Visualization

The value of InfoViz-

The paper was an insight into how visualization can be useful, with other data extracting method to boost the cognitive senses such that it helps in better and quicker understanding of data being presented. The paper was adept in defining the way in which the data should be presented to the audience and also was explanatory as far as drawing the lines between data mining and visualization. To support the views that the authors had, adequate examples were placed where an explanation needed their support. The paper also conveyed that visualization, if not single handedly on its own, can still be a vital part in success of a project. Overall the paper was concise, well presented, and by the end of the paper I had a rough insight the importance visualization has and also how one should present data-set and visualization to the audience so that they can have (like the authors say) `the “a-ha” moment`

Effectively Communicating Numbers- Selecting the Best Means and Manner of Display

In this paper, the main theme is concerned with guidelines to presenting the data in the righteous way which can “shoo” away any misunderstanding of information due to poor presentation. The decision to pick right visualization for a given dataset is vital and to support this view; and example is cited in the paper. Over the course of the paper the author tries to explain what should and must be done to avoid misinformation of data, while explaining types and categories of various elements related to drawing a graph (like scale, relationships, practices to be followed, etc.). I learnt that there are steps right from choosing the message that we want to convey through our graph, to deciding on a type of graph, to whether or not to show other relevant data.

From the paper - value of information visualization
1) In the example Anscombe’s Quartet, the dataset given was much simple to model, however real time data like from stock market or the weather channel may not be simple to model, in that case can visualization still be used to generate model for statistics?

2)I also had a doubt as to how encoding information in manipulable medium enhance cognition?