Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: Value of Information Visualization.

This paper gives a broad picture of the significance of visualization of information for expressing data in a more human conceivable form. The paper collects the arguments and opinions of different set of people involved in handling large data samples in day to day life. By explaining the problems and challenges faced in handling information the author makes it clear that visualization techniques are of prime importance. From the examples mentioned in the paper it is quite clear that the InfoVis systems help in analyzing data more accurately when the user does not know what questions to ask from the data, or to raise more meaningful questions of the dataset.

The paper also talks about the different theories that are to be taken into consideration in developing a information visualization system helping users to understand that infovis systems are not graphical representation of data. From the examples, Napolean's March to Moscow and John Snow's Map of cholera epidemic the author drives the point of cognitive and perceptive benefits achieved in using Information Visualization.The author also tries to compare the Information visualization systems with models derived on artificial intelligence, as in data mining to allow build efficient systems taking in the best of the principles. This paper helps to gain knowledge of information visualization on a broader perspective and is an interesting read.