Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: The Value of Information Visualization

I really liked the credibility given to value of information at the start of this paper. The athors have stressed on the importance of information and thus bringing into highlight the importance of appropriate visualization.

The authors have cited the reference of InfoViz, a discipline of visualization and have provided quite interesting comments on the same. Explaining about InfoViz, authors state the various challenges faced while recognizing the value of information. They have identified the situations where InfoVis’ value can be well illustrated and the list cited is quite comprehensive. The authors have also given a worthwhile comparison between the cognitive and perceptual understandings of information visualization.

The examples stated in this paper are quite intriguing and help us get a glimpse of various visuals. The comparison between information visualizations and analysis techniques like statics and data mining have also supported the claim that “InfoViz can do that statistics and data mining cannot” stated in the paper. The proposal of economic model of value to come up with an assessment for value of visualization is explained quite in depth and renders a good understanding.

Thus in the paper, the authors are credible for a worthwhile effort on explaining the value of information in visualization. They have introduced us to the discipline of InfoViz and opened a path for its further exploration.