Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction: The value of Information Visualization

The paper focusses on addressing the challenges in the field of information visualization. The author starts off by providing a crisp definition of info viz and its purposes.Further, several scenarios where visualization serve as a valuable tool are identified.

The author makes fine distinctions between interpreting data in tabular and graphical forms. Simple examples have been presented to help the readers understand the author's point of view. Several concepts like proximity, similarity, continuity,symmetry,closure, relative size which form the core of the Gestalt theory are briefly explained.

I agree with the author that interactive visualizations help us understand the underlying dataset better.Another interesting fact that the author points out in the paper is the plausible idea of combining two streams of research - data mining and info viz thereby exploring a given dataset more efficiently.

The paper is definitely an interesting read and helped me understand the value of information visualization from different standpoints .