Monday, August 29, 2011

Data : IBM Many Bills , A visual Bill Explorer

Transparency is the key in Governance. There are a lot Bills which are enacted into laws by the Government of the Day. This portal pulls all the data from the thomas website. The whole idea is to allow users to search the bills, explore them and also know how each of their representative has contributed .

There are a lot of search options and it is customizable to some extent. The idea is to present the legislation in a manner that is easily understood by the end users. There are various predefined tags which are mapped to a particular color code. By entering the key word , all the bills which have the key words are returned , along with the color codes which help in drilling down the exact section that we might be interested in.

This is still in Beta and its performance is a big question , as it is very slow and hence can impact the user experience.

The portal is open and can be used for searching the bills. here.