Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction -The Value of Information Visualization

This paper is the gist of what our course is about. I agree with most part of it but there are few things which I would like to state differently given a chance.

No one can gainsay the fact that we have enormous data available and presenting it to someone in a manner that it is useful and easily understandable is a challenge. Anything which doesn't make sense to the user is worthless. Same is the case with data. I really like the statement that visualized information is more cognitive and easily perceived. One phrase that really is stuck in my mind is 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and I am sure that I'll use it at some point of time in my career.

What I somehow didn't like or may be didn't understand clearly was the stuff at the end which said that Information Visualization or in short InfoVis, as they call it, is difficult to quantify. In my opinion it is completely worth putting in effort to get the information visualized than to leave the data as it is even if we cannot actually measure the goodness of InfoVis.

In sum, for presenting a general picture to the user InfoVis is definitely a good idea but we cannot be sure if the user is looking for some specific information.