Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction : The Value of Information Visualization

This paper focuses on the challenges in showing the importance of information visualization and presents its various positive aspects to enable the same. It speaks about the importance of information visualization in evaluating and analyzing the various metrics that could aid in the progress of many companies.The point that information systems are more important when a person wants to explore data rather than when a person has a question in mind is specified. It talks about information visualization as an insight generating method and its compatibility with Popper’s epistemology system. Its ability to improve cognitive and perceptual abilities is demonstrated clearly with good examples. Its use in a few fields such as Statistics and Data mining is also briefed.

The Economic Model of Value that is presented gives a very clear idea about the economic importance of using information visualization for the analysis of data and could thus demonstrates a valid reason for the use of it. The paper just talks about the various good things about information visualization but does not give the downsides of it which is very important to draw people to use it, as people would have an option to think about the pros and cons of using it. The use of information visualization always depends on the importance of the data under question and the cost associated with it as information visualization is just a part of a bigger process. Information systems have been in use for many years now and their effectiveness in analyzing data can be best understood only by using them.