Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: Effectively Communicating Numbers

If we have something to say, it is very essential in a business environment, we need to express it very accurately and clearly. This whitepaper aims to train the business personell so as to enable them to communicate effectively with numbers, which will help not help them in understanding the raw numbers, but also will be able to effectively communicate the numbers.

I do agree that all the concepts and practices listed in the white paper are valid and authentic, but I also wanted to mention that most of the managers, employees in the industry are in fact, well aware of various graph designs they can use to effectively communicate with their peers or colleagues. In my opinion, this paper should be very useful for a newbie in a domain like sales, marketing, HR etc., For a technical person like an Software Engineer or a Research Scientist, these graphs are really not their thing. Engineers typically have to deal with graphs and patterns which are much more complex.

But, I agree with the authors, if the given concepts and practices are well applied to the routine business environment in the domains as I mentioned above, will surely have a significant impact in their business processes.