Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: The Value of Information Visualization

The paper emphasizes on challenges in recognizing and communicating the value of data visualization in various domains. I think the problem in recognizing the importance of information visualization techniques is due to the use of these techniques and tools as an intermediary step and not to find a final solution to a particular problem. The author concentrates more on how information visualization field is being neglected, but not on why the field is actually not recognized. The author argues information visualization enhances the user's cognitive and perceptual point of view but since it is a deductive step of something else, there is no enough emphasis. There are also various situations when representing the empirical data using information visualization tools enhances the understanding of the user to some extent, but the cost is very much higher to visualize, then its better to use collected statistical data.

The second part of the paper where the user expresses the value of a information visualization tool in terms of economic value is more convincing and helps the users in deciding on to whether to use an information visualization tool or represent plain data. The method of bundling the visualization techniques more closely to the application would reduce the user costs and may be the provision of various types of visualization based on the user data should be made available so that user effort is reduced. I disagree with the author where he says the value of information visualization is not recognized because visualization has been an intrinsic part of every data analysis for long time and is been evolving with need for complex data representations. Recognition as a separate field increases the focus and development of tools and extends into various other branches.