Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reaction: Effectively Communicating Numbers

The white paper gives the best practices to be followed while designing a graph which many of the graph designers ignore. Author says unintended miscommunication of quantitative information makes the communication poor. Which is very much correct , if we are not able to communicate the information in a better way its a failure for us.

Since the paper has revealed the right decisions as well as the reason for the decision its very useful to use for different circumstances. In one of the example he has mentioned that size of the representation will not help in identifying the difference between two entities, I perfectly agree to the point as our human eyes wont be able to measure how big one image is compared to the other especially if it is circle.

The insight he gives us for not to use line charts of nominal and ordinal data are commendable because using line chart we wont be able to infer them. In another example where he says to put the legend on top of the bar graph was very interesting, which most of don't take into consideration I guess. Though I would have liked it below the graph so that even if the bars go higher it wont interfere with the legend.

Overall this was a good read, got to know more information about relationships in quantitative business data and how effectively they can be represented.