Monday, August 29, 2011

Tool: TecPlot

TecPlot is a name of family of visualization software tools developed by Tecplot, which is a leader in data visualization, Simulation Analysis and post processing software.
Necessity of tools associated with post processing analysis :
  • Calculating grid quantities as in aspect rations and stretch factors.
  • To allow normalize data.
  • Derive flow field conditions.
  • To verify solution convergence.
  • Estimate the order of accuracy of solutions.
  • To allow exploring data through cur planes, iso-surfaces, particle paths in an interactive fashion.
Of the different set of tools developed by Tecplot, the following are widely used by scientists and researchers in academic fields:

Tecplot Chorus is CFD simulation analytics management software for engineers and scientists who need to quickly discover trends and anomalies in CFD studies with a large number of cases and, simultaneously, gain insights into the underlying, fluid-dynamic phenomena that cause these variations.
Tecplot 360 is another CFD and numerical simulation software package used in post processing simulation results.
Tecplot Focus is plotting software designed for measured field data, performance plotting of test data, mathematical analysis, and general engineering plotting.
Tecplot RS is a tool used to visualize the results of reservoir simulations, which model the flow of fluids through porous media ( oil and gas fields and aquifers).

Almost all of the tools can be used for most of the engineering applications and are not designed only for CFD analysis they are primarily used by them in good number. And all the tools developed mentioned above are of great importance as they not only allow compare results using data but also allow compare information from images using pixel pixel by data. The user interface is so smoothly aligned providing drag-drop features to allow data comparison. Examples of how useful these set of tools can be are found here.