Monday, August 29, 2011

DATA: US Census State and County QuickFacts

Census of any country consists of lots and lots of data. This can be a very good example of a data set. Moreover for USA which in itself is a huge country, its census data sets will also be huge. The data set that I am looking is related to my visualization of US population change. It is called QuickFacts and is provided by US bureau of Census.

QuickFacts is basically a data set of tables in which there are facts and figures about various states and counties of USA. This data is captured by Census Bureau. It also has a visualization which presents you a map of USA. Then going ahead you can click on a state and then either county/city and you get all the facts about them.

The data set can be downloaded as a delimited file or as an excel sheet. The data can downloaded as a complete set for US or per state.
Link for download:

You can find QuickFacts here:
US Census Bureau site: