Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reaction: The Value of Information Visualization

This paper is basically dealing with the value of Information visualization and its intrinsic qualities. It deals with various issues like recognizing the value of information visualization and also talks about how to show the importance of it. That is, the author talks about how the information visualization plays an important role in growth of many companies. The paper also throws light on various challenges/issues that the information visualization faces and also discusses about how visualization amplifies cognition. The author also discusses out the importance of the role played by information visualization in helping people in learning things, doing research and exploring the data and understanding it.
The author then discusses about the Epistemological system and its issues. This system was developed by Popper and it showed that the importance of a process is a paramount to science activities. The author says that information visualization acts as a method used for generating new insights and ideas by using human perception and thus compares it to the Epistemology system. The author says that visualization always helps in enhancing the understanding of data but sometimes, visualizing data becomes difficult when cost comes into picture and in that case, the author says that it is better to use the statistical methods where data is collected statistically.
Next, the author discusses about the Economic Model. Here, the author talks about economical value of visualization. So, information visualization helps in realizing this economic value and helps in deciding whether to use visualization for analyzing the data or not. In this economic model, various minute factors like economic value of visualization, the cost involved in the research and development and many more. So, on a whole, it is interesting to see the paper discuss about various examples of visualizations being used in various situations and environments and how it concentrates on explaining the importance of value of Information visualization and how this value can be measured against various other statistical and data mining techniques.