Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tool: Exhibit

Exhibit is a part of the MIT's SIMILE Project for publishing framework that help developers easily create Web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionality, with interactive maps, timeline and other visualizations.The data stays local unless decided to be published.Users can select maps, charts, time-plots, calendars or any other view to represent data.They can also use customized lenses and facets to streamline the data representation.

It can be implemented by writing rich data out to HTML then configuring some CSS and JavaScript code.Exhibit pages are loaded and read into JSON data files using JavaScript.Because a local database is maintained in the memory of the machine running the browser, requerying server is not required.Data can be filtered straight in the browser. One drawback of Exhibit is that it requires more hand-coding than services such as Many Eyes and Google Fusion Tables. But you're much more likely to get the exact presentation you want with Exhibit than, say, Many Eyes.

Live websites using Exhibit