Sunday, August 28, 2011

Data: FAWN

The Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) provides up-to-date weather information by collecting information from system of automated weather stations distributed throughout the State of Florida. Though it is used for many purposes its critical for agriculture. FAWN database servers is maintained by IFAS Information Technologies.They receive weather data from remote stations every 15 minutes. The information is processed and made available almost instantaneously through several different search methods accessible through FAWN web server, as well as an interactive voice-response system. Graphical representation of the data can be seen here

FAWN weather data are stored in searchable databases. Temperature, Dew point,  Relative Humidity, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, Wind Speed etc are some of the parameters which are returned by the database collected from the stations in the map here

Different method to access the data
1) Report Generator
2) Latest Observations
3) Graphic Weather Data
4) Data Feeds
5) FTP : Yearly CSV Data