Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viz: What Is Your Water Footprint?

This visualization describe the global water footprint of each country. The labels that are used split up the visualization according to the different types of water usage. When you click on particular catagory, the map of the world changes color to reflect data associated with that catagory. Darker color indicates higher percentage of use relative to the total water supply of the country.

Overall, it appears that the US have the higest liter of water per person while having one of the lowest percentage of people without access to water.

This visualization is particular useful in comparing the water footprint of two countries as well as displaying the percentage of water we use towards different catagories. Unfortunately, the logarithmic scaling of the bar makes it confusing to look at. The prime example of this would be the urban population comparison between China and United States. While China has roughly twice the amount of urban population, its bar is only 1/2 as long as the United State's.

Overall this provides a good visualization of water usage around the globe. Adobe Flash was used as it's underlying technology and it's written by Joseph Bergen and Nickie Huang from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The 2004 global clean water supply (