Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction: A survey of algorithms for volume visualization.

This paper introduces different techniques of volume visualization which is fast-growing field of scientific visualization.Paper gives overview of different techniques and compares them by providing advantages and disadvantages.It is really good paper for naive in this field to start with and gain basic information.Author has clearly defined challenges and application of scientific visualization in starting.

Data and Volume characteristics section of paper provides very basic information about kind of data used and provides initial knowledge required to understand techniques.However I think grids and lattices section tries to describe structures clearly but lack in visual support like diagram of structure(which i ended up checking online).Volume visualization steps are described in very simple language, they also helped me in understanding other paper efficiently.

Author has stated two categories of different volume visualization techniques,namely SF(surface fitting) and DVR(direct volume rendering).Paper also defines which techniques can be better visualizes data depending on different attribute and requirement.In photo realism section I was more inclined toward also using non-plausible objects like light emitting gel because they can be used to get user attention to where ever needed (also change in opacity of things can at-times result in more information but might make matter non-plausible).Overall I find paper very informative about volume vizualization field and find algorithms defined in end very useful(were informative in brief).Its better for starter as it doesn't contains them in detail.