Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: A survey of algorithms for volume visualization

This paper is an old (two decades) survey of the volume visualization inception in the field of scientific visualization. Volume visualization is used for creation of high quality images from scalar and vector datasets defined on multidimensional grids. The paper talks of the algorithms that were used during nascent stages of volume visualization of data samples. The paper stresses on the importance of animation in volume visualization. The survey does not talk about the methods of handling Non_cartesian data. The paper starts off with explanation of different characteristics that the data samples can have by talking about their data and volume characteristics and explain the common steps taken in volume visualization algorithms. The volume visualization algorithms are divided into surface fitting and direct volume rendering and the direct volume rendering models are further divided into projection and image-order methods. The paper clearly explains the algorithms of all the specified in a succinct fashion and quotes them appropriately.