Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over two decades of Integration-based, Geometric Flow Visualization

This paper introduces the challenges faced today in terms of computing power required to process multi-variant geometric flow visualizations. These flow visualizations have been surveyed and classified by the authors according to the challenges, which helped me a great deal in understanding these visualizations. This paper is a good starting point for learning the basics of spatial visualizations and getting some ideas about the algorithms used in flow viz. research. Even though there have advancements in the computing power, I was surprised to read the authors state that there are still unsolved problems, after 20-25 yrs of research.
There are some interesting terms introduced by the authors, such as streamtube and stream surface. The most interesting discussion that caught my eye was on how different the simulation of a tornado using stream surface was in comparision with flow volume, even though the dataset was the same.