Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decade of Integration based Geometric Flow Visualization

This paper is an unaccounted survey for the different approaches used in geometry based flow visualizations. The read gives a thorough understanding of different challenges in visualization. The whole idea of trying to tackle the challenge of presenting a better flow visualizations for such large data samples in the associated fields with categorization of vector field approaches was a significant effort by the authors. The efforts put in building mathematical models for visualization techniques was key. The presented models have been used in the most current products that are of great commercial value. With modern usage of GPUs for many purposes apart from them being used for graphical applications in their early days, the data samples that need to be visualized have and will grow in an unexpected fashion and the authors stress on the fact that better algorithms have to be designed to be abreast with the architectures available, for the current seedings show that the requirement.