Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Imaging vector fields using line integral convolution

This paper reminded me of my undergrad course called Image Processing which had sinusoidal equations, normalization, convolution, pre and post processing etc. LIC provides a generalized imaging method for 2 and 3-D vector fields. What was a striking feature of the paper was that it tried to provide a new group of continuous motion filters to indicate directional flow. The example showing the blurred motion of waving hand left a hard impression on me and I think these techniques must be used in fast moving vectors like taking photo shoot of racing cars so on and so forth. By the look of it, the algorithm looks simple to implement and less taxing on the system. Using DDA vs LIC has its own performance consideration and tradeoff as former if faster but latter gives better quality, which one to use I think depends on a given user and given scenario.