Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Over Two Decades of IntegrationBased, Geometric Vector Field Visualization

The paper talks about flow visualization, a technique that stresses on the importance of vector data representation in images. There are many applications that require flow visualization like medical visualization, oceanography and simulation.

The author talks about the many challenges that one can face in the process of flow visualization. The challenges include extremely humongous data sets, seeding and placement of objects, computation time for processing. All these factors and more are to be considered before arriving at a visualization technique. The authors enlist and make a comparison about the various techniques present for flow visualization, namely, direct method- which is simple but dos not present high quality images, texture-based-like the LIC technique discussed in one of the previous papers; geometric method that takes the geometry of the objects into consideration and the feature method. The paper discusses how each of these techniques are good in some cases and also mentions the cases to which the technique may not provide the best of results. Overall, this paper acts as a good reference to understand and choose among the various flow visualization techniques.