Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction : Over Two Decades of Integration-Based, Geometric Flow Visualization

This paper is a classified research survey on various papers and research
presentations in the field of flow visualization. Author’s effort and accomplishment
have been stupendous. Authors have created a matrix classifying the literature
in a two-way (Steady/Unsteady) manner. They have carried the literature-
matrix through 2D/3D to particle rendering & Surfaces/Volumes, which presents
an illusion of simplicity in identifying the literature relating to specific field of
reader’s interest.

The brief description of papers provided under graded sub-sections along with
authors’ reflection does provide a visual insight into results achieved by different
researchers, say, may it be particle tracing or particle seeding. Terminologies, as
a pre-requisite for understanding the paper, have been defined and expanded.
e.g. From Pathline, Streakline, Timeline to Streak balls, Streak tubes, Streak band,
Streak tetrahedra.

The complex field of fluid simulation or flow visualization coupled with dynamics
of ever changing particle position obviously requires specific-area/application
oriented approach. This paper could act as a mini-reference encyclopaedia
providing a hyperlink to the right sets of articles depending on the dimension
chosen for further research. Being an exhaustive literature survey, mathematical
aspects have been kept at its minimum, but the colour visuals are excellent to
provide a lasting memory-embeds to the reader.