Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decades of Integration-Based, Geometric Flow Visualization

The paper intendes to put forward the field of flow visualization are about viewing discrete objects in a velocity field to characterize flow. Therefore these types of visualization have a temporal component alongwith the spatial component.

The paper gathers all the challenges encountered and the developments made in the last two decades in the field of flow visualization which has great applications in the various pratical fields. The paper classifies approaches into four general categories.

DIrect technologies reply more on vectors data or color according to the magnitude and are simple and efficient to implement. Because of this simplicity, these techniques often require processing before visualization. On the other hand, geometric techniques use trajectories, pathlines to build objects. The article splits the two decades into 2 parts of 10 years each where the former concentrated on particle tracing and the next decade was about seeding technologies.

The first section of the paper gives a detailed classfications of different geometrical methods on which research was carried out in the last two decades alongwith the challenges encountered and solutions found out. This table also highlights that flow visualizations has been a field of great interest and constant developments have been made over the years.