Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Marching Cubes - A High Resolution 3D Surface Construction Algorithm

This was an old one given to us. But despite of being an old paper it was really interesting. This paper talks about a 3-dimensional surface construction algorithm called marching cubes, which could produce models with fine details. Actually marching cube uses the technique of divide and conquer, which most of us have read in the design and analysis of algorithms classes. Also having been worked in the health-care software industry made my life bit easier in understanding and correlating some of the work flows. It was good to read about the importance of image processing and visualization in the medical field. Also the good amount of diagrams and pictures used to explain the marching cube algorithm is really helpful in understanding the algorithm as such. Although I don't have much background of computer graphics but still it was fairly easy to go through this one. Overall I was happy to read such an old paper which was published around the time I was just born. :P