Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over two decades of Integration Based Geometric Flow Visualization

This paper provides an exhaustive information on different approaches used over the past two decades in using different visualization techniques for geometry based flow visualizations. This is an interesting read because it also gives an insight into how different challenges in the field were tackled while trying to find the best suitable visualization technique for flow simulations.
The broad level of categorization of vector field visualization approaches was a key thing in trying to provide information in a more meaningful way with the best possible terminology that they could have used. Explanation of the mathematical models and their structures giving the reasoning behind the visualization techniques used provides researchers to save time. The paper holds key in providing visualization techniques for very large data sets in real time applications. Most of the flow based visualization techniques quoted are already available as commercial products. With the ever increasing usage of GPUs for high end computation problems, the data sets are going to grow to larger within the same time. The paper stresses on the importance of trying to build better visualization methods for such systems as the current seeding algorithms provide cluttered visualizations.