Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction:Imaging Vector Fields Using Line Integral Convolution

The application of imaging vector fields is not limited to just scientific applications. In this paper, an algorithm for imaging vector fields is presented.The algorithm filters an input image along local stream lines defined by an input vector field and generates an output image. The figure illustrating this algorithm helps in giving a clear picture to the reader. The DDA algorithm is also presented along with its shortcomings.Two vector fields are rendered using both LIC and DDA algorithms. It is interesting to see how certain details are not present or incorrectly rendered in the image generated using DDA.

The paper shows how the LIC algorithm can be used in post processing to generate motion blur. As the author suggests it would be worthwhile to see how future research work focusing on the reverse of this operation i.e deblurring a blurred image shapes up. The paper had a lot of images which made it easier to understand the concepts and techniques involved. Also, the mathematical derivations and the variables involved were well explained.