Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decades of Integration-Based, Geometric Flow Visualization

I feel the authors present a valid discussion of the number of visualization techniques that are available today and how non-trivial it has become to select a technique based on user data. There are many factors which are to be taken into consideration especially what the users preferences are. This paper is well presented with each sub heading explaining the details needed to understand the following section. The authors have done a good job by making sure even those who are new to flow viz. can understand what the details of it.

The challenges in flow viz. are easy to understand and the problem with large data sets in not only limited to flow viz. but I believe it can be applied to any visualization technique. The user will certainly not want a delay to occur before his viz. is presented to him. The seeding problem however can be limited only to the geometric viz. as presented by the authors. I however do not completely agree with the authors view that perception is only a problem in 3D and 4D fields because it can be a problem in 2D fields too when we have multiple overlaps. CPU and processing power problem is again generic to all viz. and not only to geometric or flow viz.

This paper has also taught me the techniques of flow viz. which I did not know before. The tabular column presented aids to the ease of reading and understanding of the material. Overall the paper is an enjoyable read and there is a good flow of information from one topic to the other. I can most certainly say that it is one of the well documented research papers that I have read.