Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction: A survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

This paper aims at presenting detailed view of important algorithms in the field which are like the backbone to it.I felt that at some points the description was missing details. For beginners in the field like me, it is difficult to understand some high level details. More illustrations would have solved this issue. But the paper was written in an orderly fashion, first by mentioning about data visualization, then by volume visualization and finally a detailed description of the algorithms.

The algorithms are explained at depth making intriguing arguments. The concept of using light reflecting materials intrigued me, but they may be carcinogenic agents. The other factors like how easy to implement, which algorithm to use at what situation, drawbacks, positives should have mentioned, which would have made the paper look more practical.It is nice that the author mentions about the applications of the volume visualization, which helps reader in understanding the usefulness of the theory.