Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction: Imaging vector fields using line integral convolution.

In this paper author has stated that imaging vector fields are important to scientific visualization and artistic domain.Paper mainly describes Line Integral Convolution technique to visualize directional information using vector fields.Even though it was hard to get DDA convolution in first reading ,I find description of DDA convolution understandable with the help diagram there.I find description of LIC technique hard for naive like me to understand, moreover mathematical details provided in LIC technique requires prior knowledge and makes it cumbersome.
I find second last page of paper more informative, where author has described that DDA and LIC have distinct trade-off of performance and quality between them.LIC is a magnitude slower than DDA but DDA is inherently inaccurate.Paper also states very important fact that LIC algorithm can be easily generalized to 3 dimension.