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Tool: Google Cloud SQL: your database in the cloud

Free mysql in the cloud

Google Cloud SQL: your database in the cloud

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By Navneet Joneja, Product Manager for Google Cloud SQL

Cross-posted from the Google App Engine Blog

One of App Engine’s most requested features has been a simple way to develop traditional database-driven applications. In response to your feedback, we’re happy to announce the limited preview of Google Cloud SQL.

You can now choose to power your App Engine applications with a familiar relational database in a fully-managed cloud environment. This allows you to focus on developing your applications and services, free from the chores of managing, maintaining and administering relational databases.

Google Cloud SQL brings many benefits to the App Engine community:

  • No maintenance or administration - we manage the database for you.

  • High reliability and availability - your data is replicated synchronously to multiple data centers. Machine, rack and data center failures are handled automatically to minimize end-user impact.

  • Familiar MySQL database environment with JDBC support (for Java-based App Engine applications) and DB-API support (for Python-based App Engine applications).

  • Comprehensive user interface for administering databases.

  • Simple and powerful integration with Google App Engine.

  • The service includes database import and export functionality, so you can move your existing MySQL databases to the cloud and use them with App Engine.

    Cloud SQL is available free of charge for now, and we will publish pricing at least 30 days before charging for it. The service will continue to evolve as we work out the kinks during the preview, but let us know if you’d like to take it for a spin.

    Navneet Joneja loves being at the forefront of the next generation of simple and reliable software infrastructure, the foundation on which next-generation technology is being built. When not working, he can usually be found dreaming up new ways to entertain his intensely curious one-year-old.

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