Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: A high resolution 3D surface algorithm

The paper describes about an algorithm called “marching cubes” which sort of creates a triangular models of uniform density from 3D medical data. WitI liked the use of divide and conquer approach taken by paper to develop the topology. The steps right from using the algorithm, interpolation gradience is all well defined in the paper, but I was not on the same page as the authors where they mentioned the use of using triangulated use of cubes which I felt was too small of a number.

Overall I like the presentation of the paper, though I must agree was looking from retro days,and there was lot to learn if you come from non CG background like me. The authors must be applauded for their work in time frame in which this paper was written when CG wasnt as advanced as it is now or even five years before.