Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Marching Cubes - A High Resolution 3d Surface Construction Algorithm

This paper allows us to come up with a mathematical model in deriving constant density surface from a 3d array of data running the simulations for every surface. This is achieved by creating a triangle mesh that approximates the iso-surface and by calculating the normals to the surface at each vertex of the triangle. The algorithm tries to locate the surface in a cube of eight pixels and calculate their normals. This process is repeated for all the cubes that can be formed. Surface intersection in a cube is done by assigning codes to the vertices outside/inside the surfaces. Triangulation is used to find the ways a surface may intersect the cube to patterns which are more convenient to be resolved. This paper provides with a very simple rendering technique and also an efficient way of manipulating data. This would also work for large amounts of data in high resolution images but the system can get really complex.