Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

The paper begins with a list of applications of volume visualization and and the goals of a good volume visualization technique. The goals are simple and well stated that it should allow for quick data manipulation and re-rendering. Then they talk about the types of data available for volume visualizations. They point out that volume visualization data is mostly in vector form. Then there is some brief discussion on each of the underlying concepts used in volume visualization algorithms. This is very important as it helps understand the different approaches better.

The paper describes the different steps that are taken in usual volume visualization algorithms. They have also discussed the different algorithms. They have given pictures for different algorithms this is very helpful to understand the what will be the end result of these algorithms. They mention the trade offs taken in each algorithm and this explains that there is no one algorithm that fits all. In the summary they have revealed what is still left desirable in these algorithms.