Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reaction: A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

This paper is more extensive in the contents and cites the importance of Volume Visualization along with some of the important founding algorithms. Though the material is rendered in an ordered manner covering Data Characteristic, Volume Characteristics, algorithm etc., it reads more like a good scientific essay passing through the periphery of various aspects of theme.   It would have been more effective if some visuals or diagrams are appended at some of the important junctures like Photorealism or Marching tetrahedral or Contour connecting. Possibly, this paper having been published way back in 1992, the access to advanced Graphing tools or mathematical software like Metalab or Mathematica would have been very limited. Though it is not necessary to orient mathematically, a few foot note pointers to mathematical aspects would have enhanced the abstraction of the readers.

Nevertheless, commonly used fundamental algorithms have been enunciated in reasonable length to catch the readers’ attention.  The orderliness of the sub-sections in this paper provides a direction as to how to approach the subject for further reading.  For those who have a reasonable depth in this subject, the paper forms a matured abstraction of the theme in a summarized manner. I believe a lot of related developments would have happened during the intervening period from origin of this paper to date.  With high computational and technological powers, some of recent papers published on the subject could supplement the knowledge provided in this paper.