Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

Authors have presented the survey by giving an introduction of the fast growing field of volume visualization for the graphics programmer. They have not discussed the graphics techniques, information of which we can get from anywhere but what is explained is the way these techniques are applied in fundamental volume visualization algorithms. Not only the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm is given but the algorithm's space and time requirements, ease of implementation, and the type of data it handles best is also listed in the peer which is really informative and concise. The survey also reviews the terms, procedures, and heuristics most often used in the field of volume visualization.

I feel they have done quite a good job in putting up all the information together. Even after specifying all possible information, since the field is so large, they have recommended that one should read from the papers listed in bibliography for further information. They have even mentioned which topics they have not covered so as not to confuse reader about anything.