Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Marching cubes, A high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm

The paper talks about constructing a 3D interpolation from a set of 2D slices as input. The authors of the paper explain the problem in a simple manner. The authors discuss the related algorithms too and groups them based on the main idea behind these algorithms. Inter slice connectivity, surface location and surface gradient are the main features to be extracted from the slices. They point out that other algorithms fail to do one or more of these tasks in a more accurate manner. Keeping this as the basis they have proposed the marching cubes algorithm for the same. They have explained the idea of marching cubes very well. They have also reduced the number of possibilities of intersection of a surface with the cube from 256 to 14. They could have been a little more elaborate on how this was achieved. I think reducing the computation so much and also using advanced techniques to analyze and represent the gradient makes the approach really good. The results seem impressive however a side by side comparison with the results of other techniques would have helped in understanding the effect very well.