Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Imaging Vector Fields using Line Integral Convolution

This paper was bit easier to digest for me as it had some stuff similar to what I had already studied in one of my earlier classes. Though the terms like normalization and convolution always irritate me but when read in the context of visualization course it made a lot of sense to me as this paper talks about the image vector processing techniques. The author has thoughtfully given us the necessary beackground for the convolution algorithms. The discussion wherein it talks about the differences, performance considerations and usage of the two algorithms, namely DDA and LIC, seems really important. DDA is shown to be faster than LIC but the better quality of the image given by LIC gives it an edge over DDA. It was also good to learn the LIC could be used in motion imaging for the purpose of debluring. This has left the platform open for some interesting future work. In sum, this paper was a good one to read. Moreover, the clarity with which the concepts have been explained along with before and after images make it a commendable work done by the authors.