Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decades of Integration-Based Geometric Flow Visualization

Flow visualization is, let’s say a branch of visualization which is related to fluid mechanics and how to make flow patterns visible in them to get valuable information from them. The section of this paper that was intent of reading was very informative and definitive coming up with lots of important definitions. What I inferred from the reading was there are challenges faced in flow viz like
  • Tremendous volume of datasets – Since complex simulations are involved it produces huge amount and data and handling it efficiently becomes an issue.
  • Interaction, seeding and placement – Seeding used to place objects within data domain is real challenge
  • CPU processing time to handle this volume of data
  • Perception – this is like how to visualize 2D and 3D velocity fields and at the same time visualize multi-variate data sets.
Also I learnt about four categories of flow visualization mainly – direct, dense textured based, integration-based geometry and feature-based flow visualization
I appreciate the effort taken by authors in classifying the work done in this field over the past decades in the table they created. Overall structuring of paper was very informative for someone who had no clue before the paper about flow viz.