Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decades of Integration-Based, Geometric Flow Visualization

The authors of the paper talk about flow visualization, a branch of viz that focuses more on the vector quantities than the scalar, impling that they would want to take even direction into consideration in visualizations apart from the magnitude.

This informative paper does a good job in giving an overview of vector field visualization and its many techniques. It talks about the challenges and parameters to be considered in choosing a suitable technique, which include large data sets, the visualization of both magnitude and direction simultaneously, interactions, computation time and perception. The authors enlist how different visualization techniques can handle these challenges.

What I found fascinating are the different perspectives for the way data is characterized by so many dimensions like spatial, temporal and others like velocity, pressure etc . I also found the geometric flow viz fascinating where discrete objects are computed based on the fact their shape directly relies on the underlying geometry. I wish there were more examples of the cases in which these different techniques could be used though.