Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

Volume visualization is depicted as one of the focus areas in scientific visulization. I quite agree when the author mentions that animation is a key factor or a natural extension of volume visualization for proper understanding. It was interesting to note that though datasets can be collected from a variety of sources or "generated from diverse means" as the author says, they can be processed with a similar method. What follows in the paper is a generic set of steps that volume visualization algorithms follow and then descriptions of 5 algorithms most popularly used.

The debate about photorealism or use of materials like light emitting gels was interesting to read. Though there is an opinion that use of non-plausible materials should be discouraged, I feel that if photorealistic methods are going to be more effective, provide better comprehension of the visualization to user in a short timeframe, such methods should definitely be used.