Monday, October 3, 2011

Reaction: Over Two Decades of Integration – Based, Geometric Flow Visualization

This paper was the first time I got introduced with the concept of Flow Visualization. Images derived from the techniques of the flow visualization have been around and are quite impressive. This article presents an overview to the actual field of flow visualization. The authors present latest developments in geometry based flow visualization, a new scheme based on the challenges in flow visualization and a well composed survey of most up-to date presentation on flow visualization.

The algorithm discussed for the integral curve objects in 2D discuss in depth about seeding and has quite interestingly differentiated between interactive and automatic seeding. Similar elaboration is put forth for the algorithms on surface based integral objects and volume integral objects.

What I particularly like in this article is that there is no stress upon one visualization tool to provide an optimal result. The authors have considered quite a number of factors like data dimensions, size of the simulated output, etc. There has been quite a discussion on streamlines and seeding present throughout the paper. However as stated as in this paper, there seems to be very less research and study on the visualization as the dimensionality of the imaging increases. And these points have been appropriately enlisted by the authors towards the end of the article.