Monday, October 3, 2011

Reaction: Imaging Vectors Fields Using Line Integral Convolution

Through this paper author wants to introduce a new algorithm to use curvilinear filtering techniques to locally blur textures along a vector field, the approach which is based on several previous texture generation and filtering techniques.

I found this paper to be useful resource to study the role of directional information apart from color and intensity in scientific visualizations. Algorithms that can image directional information have wide applications and I think this is something which many of us are not aware of.

The LIC algorithm represents a generic method for imaging two and three dimensionial vector fields. It filters an input image along local stream lines defined by input vector field and generates the output. As an avid digital image processing enthusiast, I think this approach which is used for deblurring of motion blurred images can be certainly helpful for devices like CCD cameras.

I think with the ever increasing hardware capabilities, the concept of motion filters is fast catching up and this is indeed a very good effort for the next generation of visualization experience. But with such efficient algorithms in future, the question is, would the new generation know anything about motion blurring or other anamolies that we are aware now ?