Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction:Task taxonomy for graph visualization

This paper aims to categorize the tasks on a graph. It first explains various components of graph like nodes, links and paths.Then it lists out some tasks like Filter, Sort etc.. Apart from the given list it introduces tasks Find Adjacent node, Scan, Set Operation. Scan is very similar to the task performed by  users when they are looking for a name in phone book. The paper comes up with topology of low-level tasks, Tasks are categorized as four which are topology based tasks, overview tasks,browsing tasks and attribute based tasks.The paper then jumps in to explanation of each category and explains list of tasks that fall under each category using examples. For example Following a path in graph comes under Browsing Task. The paper says there are also high level tasks like the change of graph over time which are not covered. This taxonomy would be helpful in benchmarking visualization tools.