Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reaction:Balancing Systematic and Flexible exploration of Social Networks

The paper explains various issues faced while exploring a complex
social network, and offers a viable solution that helps in
understanding the social network well. The SocialAction provided seems
to solve the usual problems that exist in the traditional approach by
using a more modular and iterative approach. The method of classifying
the nodes based on the rankings and also use of scatterplots seems
very interesting as that helps in capturing relationships of interests
while still holding the importance of the nodes based on rankings.The
various ways of exploring the networks can be applied in a variety of
applications like analyzing financial networks where methods like
forming cohesive groups while considering multiple links helps in
forming meaningful relationships. The subgraph extraction in complex
graphs and aggregation based on various factors is a very interesting
find according to me as this helps in good classification.